PooChon Puppies

Poochons are robust, well-proportioned, and hardy. They are small in stature but possess a sturdy appearance, and exhibit a sweet expression. The Poochon has similar facial features to the Bichon with a wider face, rounded skull, medium length ears and medium muzzle. They have a non shedding wool coat, making them an excellent choice for owners with allergies.

The Poochon is spirited dog with a happy temperament. Affectionate, friendly, and a pleasing personality.

Poochons are suspicious of strangers and will bark to alert their family to visitors or out of the ordinary sounds. They thrive on family interaction and play time. They are just as comfortable whether living with an active family or spending time on the couch with the family watching TV.

​They will come with age appropriate shots and medical care. A certified veterinary health check, one year Health guarantee. Owner’s manual and puppy starter pack.

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More PooChons are planned for late spring 2021

Currently Available Puppies

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