Havanese Puppies For Sale

The Havanese (or the Havana Silk Dog) belongs to the the Bichon group of small dogs. The Spanish traders traded theses little dogs to Cuban women in order to maintain trade relations. They have been bred to have long, silky hair, expressive eyes, and cuddly size.

Havanese Puppy Temperament

Havanese are companion dogs, not just a lapdog; the Havanese is trainable and surprisingly energetic, and has excelled in dog sports and canine careers ranging from circus performer to assisting the handicapped.

The Havanese has a spirited personality and a curious disposition. They are considered ideal family pets and a true companion dog, highly adaptable to almost any environment.

They will come with age appropriate shots and medical care. A certified veterinary health check, one year Health guarantee. Owner’s manual and puppy starter pack.​

For more on Havanese colors please visit www.havanesecolors.com

 I will accept $400 deposits when individual puppy pictures are posted, usually when the babies are 3 to 4 week old. I do not keep a waiting list for Havanese.