Toy Poodle Puppies For Sale

Toy Poodle Puppy Behavior

A Toy Poodle is one of the smartest and most trainable of all breeds. They are dogs who think, pay attention to their owner, learn quickly and respond eagerly to positive training methods. Toy Poodles enjoy some mental stimulation, even if it’s just challenging games such as hide ‘n seek, or fetching a variety of named toys.

Toy Poodle Puppy Temperament

Toy Poodles are happy, friendly dogs who like to be with people and other dogs. They have a terrific sense of humor and are natural-born clowns. Being the center of attention makes them happy. They have an astonishing capacity for behaviors and tricks involving both brains and agility. It is entirely possible for you to be outwitted by a Poodle.

​They will come with age appropriate shots and medical care. A certified veterinary health check and puppy starter pack.

 I will accept $400 deposits when individual puppy pictures are posted, usually when the babies are 3 to 4 week old. I do not keep a waiting list for Poodles

Miss Match

Gender: Female

Breed: Miniature Poodle

D.O.B.: 08/29/2020

Ready To Go Home: 07/15/2023

Expected Weight: 16 pounds


Adoption Fee:  please contact Shelly

Intelligent and agile. Match loves to run. She is Sweet and gentile, she can be a proper poodle and she can be a great playmate. She is a submissive girl with a kind sprit.